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    This gastronomic and local gift box is composed of: "Cévennol" risotto - porcini mushrooms & chestnuts (210g) Dried porcini mushrooms (30g) The salt with porcini mushrooms (100g) You will receive your order in a black box.

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    This tasting box contains:  Winter Truffles risotto (210g)  Black truffle breaking (25g) Salt Flower of Camargue (100g) 

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    This tasting box contains:  Cod fish brandade with winter  truffles (70g)  Carpaccio & cubes of Summer Truffles (50g) Salt of Camargue with pepper (100g)

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    The salt is made of flakes born from an ephemeral crystallization on the surface of the water. this exceptional salt is hand picked. At the table or at the end of cooking, a simple pinch will reveal the flavor  or the dishes it accompanies (grilles meats, fish, salads...) Salt with porcini mushroom, cévennes pepper, 3 seaweeds and the original camargues...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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