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Club de Garniac 2016 Vintage: be a truffle grower in Provence

When becoming a member, Club de Garniac offers the exclusive privilege of being introduced to the world of truffle growth and cooking art, long reserved to secretive practices in the very heart of Provence. You act for the truffiere life. You promote and develop this French cultural and culinary heritage.

  • You buy or offer one or several truffle trees from 2016 Vintage located in Gard (30).  
  • You receive immediately 15 grams of French black truffle each year during 4 years, before the truffle trees plantation production.
  • When the truffle trees plantation production begins, you receive your allotted truffles.  The duration shall last for the 20 following years. 

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We have selected the perfect land conditions (the soil analysis has been validated by an approved laboratory). We have chosen the best certified mycorhized trees (with tuber melanosporum), they come from the best tree nursery owners.


You come and visit with a guest your truffière and participate to the truffles search « cavage » with a  dog, share a truffle meal.

You can observe the growth of your trees and you receive each year the annual report.

You are consulted for strategic decisions. 


The land is located in an appropriate place for truffle cultivation (soil, sun exposure, orientation, slope, irrigation…).  The land is also closed (with a special fence that prevents games to come) and has a surveillance system.

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