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Summer truffle is back !

Summer truffle is back !

Sunny days are coming and Summer truffle too !

Summer truffle, whose real name is Tuber Aestivum is produced from mid-may to mid-september. 

Summer truffle stands out from black truffle thanks to its intern aspect, its marbling is white and beige, hence its name « White summer truffle » ! Its extern aspect, named peridem, is black. 

Concerning its flavor, summer truffle is a truffle with hazelnut, mushroom and undergrowth tastes.

Although its use is the same as black truffle, we adapt summer truffles dishes with seasonal products. For exemple, we will prefer Tuna Carpaccio with summer truffles than a scallops with summer truffles.

Its conservation is the same as black truffle. All our advices to conserve and choose your truffles here

Maison de Garniac provides you delivery of Summer truffles but also experiences where you can discover and taste Summer truffles dishes ! You can also cook summer truffles thanks to our  thematic culinary workshop

To enjoy your fresh summer truffles, we propose to you some recipes ideas : 

  • Tuna tartare with summer truffles

Tartare de thon à la truffe d'été

  • Beef carpaccio with summer truffle 

Carpaccio de boeuf aux truffes d'été

  • Ravioles with summer truffle 

Ravioles aux truffes d'été

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