Fresh Black Truffles (tuber melanosporum Vitt.)

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Maison de Garniac introduces its clients to the best fresh truffles

Black truffle is the crown jewel of French gastronomy. Its production is dependent on factors that few have mastered. Hence, available products remain limited especially as the season only lasts from December to March.

Maison de Garniac selects fresh truffles with a powerful, sophisticated and complex taste, thanks to strong ties with local producers. We choose the best quality, freshness and rigorously select our suppliers for their know-how.

We recommend 10 grams of fresh black truffle per personne to enhance your meals.

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Origine certifiée

Maison de Garniac selects fresh truffles which are classified as "extra" when each one weight 20 grams or more.

Origine certifiée

Maison de Garniac selects firm to the touch fresh truffles. Before they are packaged and sealed, each one is meticulously cleaned by hand, and ‘canifées', which means with a slight cut in order to appreciate their quality.

Upon receiving your order, Maison de Garniac recommends that you store your fresh truffles in your refrigerator for up to a week. 


Our products are processed in our food-safety certified laboratory. Before being sent to you, fresh truffles are vacuum-packed. Your order, sent in a temperature-controled parcel, can be tracked.

Culinary advices

Black truffle should not be cooked. While they can be heated up lightly, it is best to simply incorporate fresh truffles into your recipe right before serving.

Truffles need unctuosity to express all of their aromatic palette. To enjoy they taste, simply add cream, butter or eggs with your fresh truffles to sublimate their taste in your dish.

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