DUO: Risottos with truffles

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Enjoy all year long this subtil risotto. Our rice come from a local producer (in Camargue), our truffles are carefully selected to offer you the best taste. 

Carefully selected winter truffles and other mushrooms. Taste the complex flavors of black truffles: tuber melanosporum & tuber brumale associated with the exquisite scents of mushrooms.

Continue the discover with combination of rice and summer truffles, carrefully selected. 

Net weight: 210g (2/3 persons)

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Maison de Garniac selects truffles mainly from France’s south-east producers. The rice is from Camargue (Gard). 


Heat the butter, add a chopped white onion and fry it very slowly. Add the risotto for about 30-40 minutes and keep stirring it with a chicken stock and a glass of white wine (stock: 3 times the volume of rice). Remove it from the heat and add the mascarpone and parmesan. Stir well.

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