1. The truffle’s art


Black truffle is the crown jewel of French gastronomy. Truffles production requires long work of producing and patience that few have mastered. Hence, available truffles quantities remain limited especially as the season only lasts from December to March. Truffle production requires technical skills, patience and humility.

With Maison de Garniac you will discover or rediscover the seductive flavor of the nobliest truffle and the thrill of savouring it. This product of exception will enrich the moments shared with others. Black truffles arouse intense culinary emotions and leave an unforgettable impression that marks your special occasions forever.

L'esprit Maison : truffes

2. Which quantity to choose ?


10/15 grams of black truffle per person is enough for an incredibly memorable meal. According to us, focusing on the price per kilo is missing the point: fresh truffle has a unique gustatory strength.

3. How to cook truffle ?


Truffles are exquisitive and sophisticated even though it does not need technical skills for food preparation. According to us, there are two essential rules:

  • Black truffle should not be cooked. While they can be heated up lightly.
  • Truffles need creaminess to express all of their aromatic palette.

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4. How to preserve truffle ?


Maison de Garniac recommends that you store your truffles in your refrigerator for up to a week. We advice you to open the packing and put the truffle in an airtight container and wrap it in a paper towel that will be change every day.

You have the possibility to freeze your truffle, preferably vacuum-packed, however it will loose of its crisp.

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