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    Maison de Garniac introduces its clients to the best fresh truffles.  Black truffle is the crown jewel of French gastronomy. Its production is dependent on factors that few have mastered. Hence, available products remain limited especially as the season only lasts from December to March. Maison de Garniac selects fresh truffles with a powerful,...

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    Club de Garniac 2016 Vintage: be a truffle grower in Provence When becoming a member, Club de Garniac offers the exclusive privilege of being introduced to the world of truffle growth and cooking art, long reserved to secretive practices in the very heart of Provence. You act for the truffiere life. You promote and develop this French cultural and...

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    ison de Garniac introduces its clients to the best truffle products.  Summer truffle are revailable from May to August. Maison de Garniac selects truffles with a powerful, sophisticated and complex taste, thanks to strong ties with local producers. We choose the best quality, freshness and  rigorously select our suppliers for their know-how. We recommend...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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