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    The duck foie gras with the jewel of French gastronomy for a subtle and powerful alliance. This duck foie gras is generously truffled with 5% of black truffles (tuber melanosporum) which are distributed throughout the foie gras to taste from first to last bite. To accompany with a good bread and a salad! Net weight: 120g 

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    Maison de Garniac offers you a great preparation with black truffles and only black truffles -  tuber melanosporum! We select the best black truffles to make our black truffle breaking. We add some salt of Camargue and water and our product is ready to use ! These black truffle breakings blend perfectly to achieve a sauce, omelets and scrambled eggs, or...

  • 29,00 € Available

    ison de Garniac introduces its clients to the best truffle products.  Summer truffle are revailable from May to August. Maison de Garniac selects truffles with a powerful, sophisticated and complex taste, thanks to strong ties with local producers. We choose the best quality, freshness and  rigorously select our suppliers for their know-how. We recommend...

  • 35,00 € In Stock

    The truffle slicer, this essential accessorize to prepare the truffle in thin slices.  The olive wood slicer with its blade in stainless steel will allow you to liven up your dishes with thin slices of truffle.  Possibility to adjust the cutting thickness to adapt the slices to your taste.

  • 28,00 € In Stock

    The Grater - from the workshop to the kitchen, characteristically long and narrow as with the original wood rasp. The Microplane Classic wrote history due to its ultra-sharp, photo-etched blade - made in USA. Not only can the Zester grater deliver the fastest and most effective method of grating truffles and more. Foods are precisely cut, not crushed. The...

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    This gift voucher includes a visit of truffle trees and a tasting of truffle dishes.  In the "comments" part, please leave your message you want to share and we will add it with the voucher.

  • 29,00 € In Stock

    This gastronomic and local gift box is composed of: "Cévennol" risotto - porcini mushrooms & chestnuts (210g) Dried porcini mushrooms (30g) The salt with porcini mushrooms (100g) You will receive your order in a black box.

  • 59,00 € In Stock

    This tasting box contains:  A duck “foie gras” with Black Truffle (120g)  Dehydrated morels (20g) Camargue salt(100g) 

  • 55,00 € In Stock

    This tasting box contains:  Winter Truffles risotto (210g)  Black truffle breaking (25g) Salt Flower of Camargue (100g) 

  • 24,00 € In Stock

    Maison de Garniac offers a special discovery box. This box contains: - Risotto with ceps & chestnuts - Almonds with Piment des Cévennes - Fleur de sel de Camargue with ceps Enjoy!

  • 7,90 € In Stock

    Another original way to start your cocktail hour: with this subtle match between  almonds and lavender.  Net weight : 100g

  • 7,90 € In Stock

    Maison de Garniac brings some new taste to your cocktail hour with this delicate alliance of almonds and Provence seasoning. Enjoy an evening in good company while taking a tasty journey to Provence discovering this delicious combination. Net weight : 100g

  • 7,90 € In Stock

    Another original way to start your cocktail hour: with this subtle match between the crunchy almonds and the strength of piment from Cévennes (a unique french spicy) . Net weight : 100g

  • 40,00 € In Stock

    Come and live a unique experience anddiscover  secret word of truffles Once you arrive we will take some time to know each other and your knowledge of truffles in order to meet your expectations. We will then visit the arboretum truffle trees and will explain it to you. Then, we will focus on truffles. We will show you our showroom before letting you...

  • 240,00 € In Stock

    Offer a voucher for an unforgettable activity! The Truffle University offers dynamic, immersive and gastronomic training. You are an epicurean individual who wishes to know more about this mushroom. We offer training that combines theory with practice with a culinary workshop! Follow the "Initiation to the truffle" which is aimed at all audiences....

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