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Awakening truffle & Wine and truffle Matching workshop

Awakening truffle & Wine and truffle Matching workshop

It’s a real pleasure to launch two new exclusive workshops for the 2021 summer season. We will receive you in our new welcoming space, perfect for exchange and share in Maison de Garniac. These workshops are authentic activity perfect for colleagues, friends or family ! 

Truffles and wines matchings 

With a wine consultant, we will share with you our advice on tasting wines and truffles. How better can be served the black diamond on French gastronomy ? It’s a recurrent question and we decided to answer it with our workshop. 

The workshop begin with exchanges about truffles and the knowledges of everyone on it, then we will visit our truffle trees. A wine specialist will next learn you how to taste wine. At the end, we’ll do a tasting of truffle dishes accompanied with different kind of wines in order to ally theory and practical. 

After this workshop, you’ll know how to taste and choose your wine depending on your truffle dishes and how to cook or choose your truffles. It’s a gastronomical workshop which combine theory and practical through a moment of share and exchange with two specialists. 

An unique experience on two linchpin of French gastronomy, perfect for epicureans.

Awakening truffles :

This workshop combines sophrology and truffle discovery. It is hosted by two specialists. 

A sophrologist thanks to exercises will put our sense awaked and will accompany us to full awareness tasting of truffles. You will also realize a cheese with truffles. 

This workshop is a real relaxing and sharing time, our objective is to differently present the truffles.  At the end of the workshop, with a full awareness of your sense, you will be able to be awaked to truffles. This experience is perfect for all the adept of relaxation and pleasure. 

Still on an approach of share and exchange of our passion, we are very proud to set up, with a wine specialist and a sophrologist, these two workshops that will allow you to discover  convivially truffles  on others aspects. 

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